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  • acar X5

    The acar X5 is one of the latest surge protective power strip sold under the brand name acar. Reliability, efficient construction solutions and modern design allow us to provide a 5-year warranty for the acar X5. The glossy surface emphasizes the uniqueness and fresh look of the product, making it visually eye-catching. Five socket outlets and small size make the power strip useful both at home and in the office. The automatic fuse provides practically maintenance-free operation. High efficiency and attractive appearance predispose the power strip to become the basic surge protection necessary everywhere. The mounting brackets are available from dealers.


    Dostępne kolory

    • biały
    • szary
    • czarny


    • made in poland
    • varistor TDK
    • 5 years warranty
    • 5 socket outlets with earthing pin
    • automatic fuse
    • surge protection
    • socket outlets safe for children
    • illuminated double pole mains switch
    • available colours: black, grey, white
    • available power cord lengths: 1.5m, 3m, 5m

    Dane techniczne

    Maximum load PMAX 2300W
    Nominal voltage UN 230V
    Nominal frequency 50Hz
    Nominal load current ΣIN =10A MAX
    Surge protection response time <25ns
    Maximum voltage UC 250V 50Hz
    Protection level UP ≤1,3kV
    Nominal discharge current iN 2kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
    Maximum discharge current iMAX 6,5kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
    Fuses 1 automatic fuse, slow blow, 10A/250V
    Anti-shock protection system earthing pins connected to the protective earthing conductor
    Number of socket outlets 5 two-pole socket outlets with earthing pin, 10A/250V
    Switch illuminated double pole mains switch
    Housing made of self-extinguishing plastic
    Dimensions 315x56x44mm
    Weight 0,4kg

    The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical parameters of the device, resulting from technological progress.
    ATTENTION! The technical data define the maximum values of surges against which the device protects.