HSK Ledy

Proper power supply of every electronic device is essential for its correct and long-lasting functioning. Have you ever experienced damage to an equipment due to an overvoltage caused by a storm?

Do not risk, surge protection is effective and much cheaper than losses caused by overvoltages.

Devices connected to power and telecommunication networks are seriously exposed to various types of interferences and overvoltages occurring in them. The sources of these disturbances are: electric discharges (20 storm days a year at average), frequently occurring switching in power networks, connection and disconnection of large inductive machinery, home appliances, radio transmitters, TV transmitters, traction networks, etc. supplied from the common power supply network.

To protect computer devices, audio / video equipment, modems, faxes, telephone exchanges, measurement systems and other devices against such disturbances and their destructive effects, use surge protective devices of the family acar-AXON.

All devices comply with the IEC 60884-1 standard and are protected in the Polish Patent Office as industrial and utility designs.